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Committed to peace, equity, justice, sustainability, human rights, arts for social change (and fun), and independent media, Maura Stephens has been a journalist for more than three decades and a theater artist even longer. A generalist, she writes and speaks on a wide variety of subjects including ethics, advocacy, investigation, freedom, and other aspects of journalism; environment, climate, fracking, and fossil fuels; health; democracy, citizenship, and activism; Iraq; entrepreneurship; organic farming, food security, and urban gardening; writing, editing, and publishing; education policy; community organizing; human rights and resistance to tyranny; theocracy and dominionism in U.S. politics; and Burma. 

If you're still tuning in to corporate media, you are getting corporate spin, not real news. Please check out some of the independent media sites linked below, and start getting the unfettered story!

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Ithaca Fringe Festival!  Apr. 24-27, 2014
Onstage/OffStage radio show w/George Sapio
Coalition to Protect New York  (cofounder)
SAVE S-VE  (founding member)
GasMain.org  (links to many other sites)
Frack Off student organization at Ithaca College 
IC Divest  student organization at Ithaca College
Sustainable Tompkins  (founding member)
WRFI Community Radio for Ithaca and Watkins Glen
AlterNet  (contributor)
Common Dreams  (contributor)
CounterPunch  (contributor)
Counterspin  (FAIR's weekly radio show)
Economic Update with Richard D. Wolff (audio)
No Frack Almanac (columnist; PDF)
TruthOut (contributor)
WRFI Community Radio for Ithaca & Watkins Glen
Yes! magazine  (contributor)

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