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Watch a 4.5-minute video about the Blued Trees eco-art project. This innovative campaign pits LOVE for NATURE and ART against pipeline corporations that seize people's property. They then raze trees and maim natural lands to install pipelines that bring volatile fracked gas to foreign markets. Enabled by corrupt political officials, they're abusing the legal construct of "eminent domain" for private gain, and the communities they disrupt--many of whose residents adamantly oppose them--get only the problems.

Here's a great comprehensive six-minute video from the Guardian about the "Algonquin Incremental Markets" Pipeline that's slated to go 109 feet from the Indian Point nuclear power plant, and also happens to intersect the line that carries oil-laden "bomb trains" down the Hudson River. Oh, and it falls within the Ramapo seismic fault line. (Yes, you read all that right).

If you live in New York City, southern NYS, northern New Jersey, Connecticut, or Long Island, you should be worried. Very very worried. Nobody in this region will benefit from cheaper gas. But you could pay the ultimate price millions of times over. And all for the short-term enrichment of some corporate bigwigs, high-stakes investors, and the politicians in their pockets.

Please take 10 minutes to learn how this will affect the 20 million people who live in this densely populated area. And then please get engaged. It's really critical.

With deep background in journalism, human rights, international affairs, organic farming and food, interpersonal communication, theatre arts, humanities, and sciences, Maura Stephens is a generalist who sees the interconnections in. . . well, everything.

If you're still tuning in to mainscream media (including most offerings of US "public" media), for the most part you're getting corporate spin and anticultural fluff, not real news, and that means your thinking is being deliberately colonized for the benefit of multinational corporations and the political operatives who abet them. Please check out some of the independent media sites linked below, and start getting an unfettered story. 

Please also visit some of these organizations, which all do remarkable work.
Support the Blued Trees eco-art project's legal defense

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