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Please sign my petition to get the American Lung Association to live up to its mission of "clean air and healthy lungs," and stop consorting with the air-polluting frack-gas Industry!

Committed to peace, equity, justice, environmental sensibility, human rights, arts for social change (and fun), and independent media, Maura Stephens is a longtime journalist, teacher, and theatre artist.

She thinks, writes, and speaks on subjects including journalism and publishing; environment, climate, and fracking/fossil fuels exploitation; Iraq; entrepreneurship; organic farming and food security; education policy; organizing; governance and resistance to tyranny; theatre; and various health topics.

Nothing is as critical as slowing climate "weirding." Yet political leaders continue behaving as if climate disruption were a myth and we still had decades to act. And well-meaning people continue appealing to regulatory agencies and politicians to heed those whose kids have developed asthma and other diseases, and whose property values have plummeted because of the fossil-fuel and related industrial toxins near their homes.

Such methods are as obsolete as the corrupt and broken systems they support and the media that prop up those systems.

It's time for creative solutions; nothing less than our species' (and many others') future is at stake.

For starters, if you're still tuning in to mainstream media, for the most part you're getting corporate spin, not real news, and that means your thinking is being colonized. No exaggeration. Please check out some of the independent media sites linked below, and start getting an unfettered story. Forgive yourself for not being informed; that's been the plan. But don't be complacent: Get involved in fighting fossil fuel exploitation and related industrial harms, and the corporatization of our governance structures. You'll meet some great people, guaranteed.

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Ithaca Fringe Festival was a blast! Next festival: April 16-19, 2015. Submissions open in December. Mark your calendar now!
Park Center for Independent Media (associate director) Home of the Izzy Awards & I. F. Stone Hall of Fame
Onstage/OffStage radio show w/George Sapio
Coalition to Protect New York  (cofounder)
Save S-VE (Spencer-Van Etten/founding member)
Food Not Fracking (founding member)
Sustainable Tompkins  (inaugural member)
Wolf's Mouth Theatre Company (inaugural member)
WRFI Community Radio for Ithaca and Watkins Glen
AlterNet  (contributor)
Common Dreams  (contributor)
CounterPunch  (contributor)
Counterspin  (FAIR's weekly radio show)
Economic Update with Richard D. Wolff (audio)
No Frack Almanac (columnist; PDF)
TruthOut (contributor)
WRFI Community Radio for Ithaca & Watkins Glen
Yes! magazine  (contributor)

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