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These are scary times. Only well-informed people working together can reverse our rush toward environmental, economic, and political chaos.

I can attest that an effective antidote to the very normal reactions
of grief, fear, and rage is to fight fossil fuel and other deadly heavy industries as well as, more importantly, the further corporatization
of our governance structures.

But we can't keep doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. That's the very definition of insanity. And stupidity. And futility.

It's time for creative solutions; our nation's -- and our species' -- survival are at stake.

If you're still tuning in to mainscream media (including most offerings of US "public" media), for the most part you're getting corporate spin, not real news, and that
means your thinking is being deliberately colonized for the benefit of multinational corporations and the political operatives who abet them. Please check out some of the independent media sites linked below, and start getting an unfettered story.

You'll meet some amazing, inspirational people when you join a grassroots group in your own community AND join a national group fighting to get big dark money out of US politics -- a necessary first step if we are to win the monumental battles we face.
I support the grassroots
Move to Amend as well as Free Speech for People, both of which are working on this front.

And don't forget to celebrate and spend time with the joyous things and beings (Earthlings, as the late great Richard Grossman liked to call us) we're fighting so hard to protect: the natural world, the other species that still inhabit it with us, the visual arts, music, dance, theater, literature, extraordinary human endeavors, laughter, and, always, those we most cherish.

Hugs are beneficial. Mine go out to those who share my vision for a just, sustainable, beautiful, unfractured world. The rest of you can go jump in a frack-waste "lake."

Sign my petition to get the American Lung Association to cut its ties with fossil fuels.

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