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Some Recent Productions and Performances

(Theater, Video, Film, Television) 


The Final Word Marcia Dane

workshop and staged reading of

free speech play by George Sapio, dir.

Siouxsie Easter (cast and director, left)

In the Car with Blossom and Len

Fern Gold-Dumas

(concert reading, right)

dramedy by Joni Fritz, dir.

Susannah Berryman

Fault Lines Theresa

(world premiere, left)

dramedy by George Sapio, dir. Camilla Schade


Better Than Nothing/Second to None Martha

dark comedy by George Sapio, dir. George Sapio

Death and the Maiden Paulina

Ariel Dorfman’s human rights drama,

dir. Pete Rush

Cathleen ni Houlihan Cathleen

Irish drama by William Butler Yeats,

dir. Crystal Bray

Equus Dora Strang

Peter Shaffer’s classic psychological drama,

dir. Pete Rush

Gasping Sr. Coca, Weather Woman, Reporter

anticorporate satire by Ben Elton, dir. Sapio (right)

Monograms Hazel Hall (East Coast premiere,

below right) by Susan Mach, dir. Nadine Bernard

The Vagina Monologues Eve E, Dominatrix, Hair Lady

by Eve Ensler, dir. Holly Adams

TV shows and student films (Ithaca College, Cornell U)

Maura Stephens and Sean Kimber in Gasping by Ben Elton
Maura Stephens in east coast premiere of


Fault Lines by George Sapio,

Costa Rica National Tour,

for the Little Theatre Group of Costa Rica, staged reading

The Viking Suicides

by George Sapio,

for Bad Dog! Productions,

workshop and staged reading

Hobson's Choice and Hocking Murray by George Sapio,

for Bad Dog! Productions

Time, and Time Again by Natalie de Combray,

for Theatre Incognita

Turtle Beach by Aoise Stratford,

for Wolf’s Mouth Theatre Company

Putt-Putt by George Sapio

for Wolf’s Mouth Theatre Company

Guantánamo: Honor Bound to Defend Freedom,

with the Center for Constitutional Rights;

codirector with Maggie Goldsmith (also Coproducer)

Assistant Director

Headstrong, George Sapio’s literary dark comedy, dir. Sapio

Coyote on a Fence, Bruce Graham’s death row drama, dir. Heather Forsythe

The White Rose, Lillian Garrett-Groag's anti-Nazi drama, dir. Heather Forsythe

Producer/Assistant Director/Stage Manager

Chapel of Love, satire on the radical religious right in U.S. government, by Joan Bokaer (world premiere)


Award-winning three-part documentary series Riding the Pony, produced and directed by Marilyn Rowland Scores of public service announcements for human services and arts organizations

Theater Companies

Wolf's Mouth Theatre Company founding member

Bad Dog! Productions founding member

Icarus Theatre Company founding member

Ithaca Fringe Festival board member

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